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I'm so excited you are here and ready to

take the next step(s) to healing through foot zone therapy where your mental, emotional, physical and spritiual bodies can connect and balance!

"Every human being is the author of his own health or disease" - Buddha

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My Story

Hello!  I'm Kalea (kay-lee) Kulbe (Colby) and I am a certified Foot Zone practitioner and mental health advocate.  I graduated from WeDoFeet Seminars in October 2021.

I was trained over the course of 9 months where I studied foot mapping, anatomy and physiology, energy work, essential oils, and emotional work.  I am a certified essential oil specialist through doTERRA Essential Oils as well as a certified mental health coach through Marietta College.

I am very passionate about finding and implementing new alternative solutions to help the body heal, build resiliency, and improve overall mood, motivation, and vigor.  Click on the EXTRA tab above to learn about some of my favorite ways to continue to support your 4 bodies after a foot zone session.

I was born and raised in Worland, WY and moved to Colorado when I was 18.  I attended the Art Institute of CO and graduated with a BA in Interior Design.  I practiced interior design as a profession for about 16 years!  While I love design, it was not filling my cup.  My heart and passion were just not in it any longer.  I was in total burnout. 

Insert the total career change......foot zoning!!  I knew when I was searching for a career change, I had to work with my hands, be creative, help people heal, spread love in the world, and connect with the intuitive/empath side of myself. 

I experienced my first foot zone in the small town of Worland, Wyoming with Vanessa Byrd in December of 2020 and instantly fell in love with the way I felt afterward.  Wanting to continue receiving this treatment after returning to Colorado I got on Google to search for the closest practitioner.  Low and behold there are ZERO options in Denver!  My mind was blown!!  I was able to connect with Vanessa Young in Grand Junction and as fate would have it, she was starting classes to become a practitioner.  She needed a 6th student, and the classes could start.  I felt as though my purpose and passion in life were FINALLY coming to fruition. 


We were given a goal to complete 100 foot zones by the time we graduated.  I exceeded that goal and pushed myself to complete over 125 zones.  I work on people with neuropathy, poor circulation, diabetes, ADD, ADHD, autism, cancer, pregnant, infertility, back pain, blood pressure, head trauma, brain aneurism, just as a monthly tune up and so much more!  I work on people from "womb to tomb" as they say.  I love that I learn something new with every zone and that every time I zone there is something new.

When I am not zoning, I am raising 2 beautiful, smart daughters.  I'm a wife to an amazingly supportive husband and love catching up with friends.  I love to bring in my interior design passion out through DIY home projects, play golf, and watch good movies.  Something most people don't know about me is that I don't eat crusts on ANYTHING!! 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities.  Let's connect.

303.548.8082 (Call or Text)


Don't live in CO or traveling to another state and want to book a foot zone?  Click the button to find someone close to you! 

Zoners supporting Zoners 

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