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Continued Support for Your Body

I often have clients ask how they can continue to support their body physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually until their next appointment.  Please note that I am not a doctor.  I do not diagnose, prescribe, or prognosticate.  I happily give advice based on my own personal healing story and experience.  There are a lot of ways to heal naturally, these are a few that I have found to be EXTREMELY helpful for me, my family, and a lot of people I know.    
#1. Amare Global - The Mental Wellness Company
Where are you on the Happy Scale?  Click the link to take the survey and see exactly what Amare products will work best for you.
Click the link to listen to Dr. Shawn Talbott talk about the gut-brain axis and how important it is to heal the microbiome in order to improve mental clarity, vigor, mood, motivation, depression, anxiety and so much more!!  
#2. doTERRA Essential Oils
I only use the highest quality essential oils on my clients.  They are 3rd party tested and certified therapeutic grade.  
#3. Mental Health
This is something I am SOO passionate about.  I struggled for a long time with depression and anxiety.  If you or a loved one needs to talk to someone please call the mental health line at 1-800-662-HELP (4357) or visit the website below to speak with a licensed therapist or counselor.

#4. Volunteer!  My most favorite non-profit for mental health is Project Helping.  Did you know they offer hundreds of FREE volunteer opportunities to help improve your mental health?  They make it ridiculously easy to volunteer and add this tool in your self-care tool kit
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